Meet Krissy

Hello! I’m glad you’ve wandered over to my little corner of the internet and stumbled on Thoughtfully Unraveled. It’s hard to categorize myself in a single about page. Like all of you, I have tons of different likes and interests that are constantly evolving over the years. One thing I’ve always been drawn to is real stories and the daily to-do of everyday life. I thrive on building relationships and connecting with others. I started this lifestyle blog as a creative outlet to share stories, talk about fashion, travel, and all the things I love.

I currently live in California with my husband. I love to laugh and he makes me laugh constantly. Although I hate the word goofy, my husband tells me I’m goofy and claims it’s a good thing. I am obsessed with golden retrievers. I mean who isn’t? As a foodie addict and craft beer enthusiast I try to eat healthy during the week and leave the fun for the weekends.┬áI’m a self proclaimed wanderlust junkie and adventure seeker. Anything with a little bit of adrenaline rush is right up my alley! As a former wedding blogger in my past life (although it really wasn’t that long ago), I discovered the wonderful world of fashion and design.

I hope you find inspiration, have a good laugh, or relate to some of my musing posts. I love hearing from my readers. Be sure to connect with me on social media and keep in touch!